License Types

Tagged Low Quality MP3 ($0.99) 

  • Includes “Eat Beats” and/or “” tag placed throughout song to differentiate it from licensed beats.
  • Only for listening or writing lyrics to. You should not upload a tagged beat anywhere or use it on a CD/mixtape or anything like that. The one exception to this rule may be for use in an EatBeats rap contest.
  • If you want to rap over one of these beats for use on online (like on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, etc) or for a CD/mixtape choose one of the licenses below.
  • If you want a beat to as a youtube video soundtrack choose one of the licenses below.
  • Lower quality MP3.

Non-Exclusive MP3 ($19)

  • Non-Exclusive.
  • Unlimited. Unlike other beat sites; there’s no limit on the amount of copies you can sell with any Eat Beats licenses.
  • Untagged.
  • Royalty Free.
  • No Clearance Issues. There are no copyrighted samples used in Eat Beats productions so there should never be any clearance/legal issues with anything that you do with one of these beats.
  • High Quality MP3.
  • You cannot resell (or give away) these beats as an instrumental track yourself.
  • You can use these beats for a soundtrack to any non-commercial youtube video but commercial/TV/movie soundtrack use is not included in any of these licences (contact me at to discuss placement possibilities.)

Non-Exclusive WAV ($29)

  • Same as Non-Exclusive MP3 except with WAV (CD audio quality) download instead of MP3.

Tracked Out ($59)

  • Same as Non-Exclusive MP3 except you get all of the individual stems (in 24 bit/44 kHz WAV format) that make up the beat. This is the pro choice for those who want to make their vocals fit perfectly in their final mix.

Exclusive Tracked Out ($500+)

  • Only available by special order with pricing starting at $500. Contact me if interested. None of the beats that are in the beat store are available for exclusive purchase.

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