Where Do I Enter My Discount Code?

You don’t enter your discount code until you are at the checkout at which point your discount will be applied to your entire order. You can only use one discount code per order.

Is PayPal Safe?

Yes. PayPal is the biggest online payment processor. They deal with a huge amount of orders all over the internet every day. If you want to know more about PayPal then CLICK HERE.


What If I Have A Problem With My Order?

You probably will not have any problem with your order as your beat should be made available to you to download automatically after your purchase.

But if you do have any problems for some reason then just send an email to EatHipHopBeats@GMail.com and I’ll clear it up as soon as I can. And remember; there’s a 60 day full money back satisfaction guarantee with every order so there’s never any risk in making an order.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes. There’s a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee with each beats order. This means that if you’re not completely happy with your purchase for any reason you can easily request a refund (within 60 days of your purchase) and get all of your money returned to you.

If you do need to request a refund send an email with your order information to EatHipHopBeats@GMail.com

Can I Use Your Beats As A YouTube Soundtrack?

Yes. Licensed instrumentals can be used as the soundtrack to youtube videos. Tagged MP3s (Personal Use) cannot be used for any youtube video unless there’s special permission which only applies to Eat Beats Contests.

If you want to use an Eat Beats instrumental for a commercial, or on TV, or movies you must contact me about a sync license ( EatHipHopBeats@GMail.com )

How Can I Contact You?

Emailing EatHipHopBeats@GMail.com is the best way to contact me.

You can also send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Can I Get A Bulk Deal?


If you spend $80 or more you can use the “bulk20” discount code to get 20% off your order. For example if you order five $19 non-exclusive licenses then you get 20% off on that $76 order which is basically a buy 4 get 1 free deal.

If you spend $200 or more you can use the “bulk33” discount to get 33% off your order. So a $200 order becomes just $133. This means if your order is hovering under $200 you should go ahead and get it over $200 to save money.

Will There Be Tags On The Beat?

Tags are only included on the personal use MP3s ($0.99 option.) If you buy any of the licensed beat options then your download will not have any tags.

Can I Change The Beat After I Buy It?

Yes. You can chop it up however you like. But you should still give an original production credit to Eat Beats.

How Do I Give Producer Credit?

“Produced by Eat Beats” or “Production by Eat Beats.” If you use the Tracked Out version and do your own mix then you should probably say something like “produced by Eat Beats and mixed by ____” (fill in the blank with your mixer.) If you do extreme changes (which is fine if you do) to the beat then you should still put “Original production by Eat Beats” and then your new production credit as well.

What Are The Quality Differences Between MP3s, WAVS, and Tracked Out?

WAV is full CD quality (44/16) with no tags. This download comes with an unlimited non-exclusive license.

Tracked Out stems are full Studio Quality (44/24.) These are all of the parts of the beat in separate files so they can be mixed together to best fit with your vocal. No tags. Unlimited non-exclusive license.

Licensed MP3s are high quality (for MP3s) with no tags. Unlimited non exclusive license.

Personal Use MP3s are lower quality MP3s with tags. There is no license to put these tagged tracks “out there” in any way. You can’t use them for a youtube video or anything else online nor can they be used on CD releases. They are only for private personal use (listening and/or practicing lyrics/rapping/whatever.) The one exception to this may be for use in Eat Beats Rap Contests.


What If Multiple People Buy The Same Beat?

When you buy a non-exclusive license the instrumental beat remains under an Eat Beats copyright but the unique song that you create with your original lyrics added to that beat becomes your own copyrighted song and there are never any royalties to pay back to Eat Beats for your use of the beat. Any profits you make are yours.

When another person buys the same beat they too can create an original song with their own lyrics and they will own the copyright to the song they make with it.

This has no direct impact on your song and legally has nothing to do with it; each original song created with the same non-exclusive beat is considered its own song and has its own copyright.



Can I Be A Featured Artist?

Yes. If you do something interesting with one of my beats send me an email at EatHipHopBeats@gmail.com with a link and you may be chosen to be a featured artist which means your work will be posted to my Facebook wall for everyone there to see along with you getting seen in the Featured Artists area of EatHipHopBeats.com

Can I Buy An Exclusive Rights License?

No. None of the beats on the Beats Store are available for an exclusive license.

Exclusive custom beats pricing starts at $500. Send an email to EatHipHopBeats@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Do Beats Remain On The Site After I Buy Them?

Yes. All of the licenses available are non-exclusive. You have unlimited commercial rights to the beats you purchase a non-exclusive license for, however these beats can also be purchased by other people.